Oil and Gas Software Training

Become familiar with state of the art softwares currently in use in the industry. Softwares usd in well diagnostics, reservoir management and production profile and forecasting.

Petroleum Reservoir and Production Training

Be informed on the best practices and procedures in reservoir and production engineering. Furthermore, broaden your knowledge on core reservoir engineering and production engineering courses.

Research and Development & Consulting.

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Courses in Reservoir Engineering Include:

  • Fundamentals of reservoir Engineering
  • Well Testing and Interpretation
  • Reservoir Fluid Property Characterization
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Water Injection Technology
  • Fluid Property and Characterization
  • Integrated Reservoir Management

Courses in Production Engineering Include:

  • Flow Assurance in Production Operations
  • Poduction Optimization
  • Multiphase Flow Metering
  • Multiphase Flow Pumping
  • Production Well Surveillance
  • Waxy Crude Oil Production and Handling
  • Oilfield Emulsion Handling
  • Practical and Applied Well Stimulation
  • Introduction to Pigging Operations
  • Gas lift Optimization
  • Formation Damage

Courses in Drilling | Completions | Workover Include:

  • Drilling Oil and Gas Well - An Introduction
  • Introduction to Coiled Tubing Operations
  • Introduction to Wellhead Installation and Services
  • Fundamentals of Slickline Operations
  • Well Completions and Workover Operations

And much more:

  • Fundamentals of Petroleum Exploration and Production
  • Flow Station Operations
  • Corrosion engineering
  • Basic Petroleum Geology
  • Reservoir Geophysics
  • Oil and Gas Industry Overview
  • Oil and Gas Process technology
  • Natural Gas Processing
  • Advanced Log Interpretation
  • Tank Farm Operations and Management
  • Offshore Technology
  • Oil and Gas Custody Transfer
  • Different Oil and Gas Industry based Softwares