Consultancy Services| IPR Ltd


IPR Ltd consults in the following multidisciplinary studies:

  • Reservoir/Field Studies
  • Integrated Reservoir Management
  • Reservoir Simulation (Static & Dynamic Modeling)
  • Oil and Gas Field Performance Reviews
  • Oil and Gas Field Development Planning (FDP)
  • Management of Mature Fields
  • Marginal Field Development/ Optimization
  • Unitization Studies
  • Well Test Design & Analysis
  • Production Enhancement Studies & Strategies
  • Productivity Improvement Studies
  • Improved Oil Recovery Studies
  • Candidate screening for artificial lift projects
  • QA/QC in Petroleum Engineering Projects & Operations
  • Project Development and Management
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Automated Oil and Gas Production Surveillance
  • Gas Lift Feasibility and Optimization Studies
  • Production Optimization Studies
  • Well Completion Efficiency Evaluation
  • Formation Damage Assessment & Control
  • Cost Control to Maximize Profitability/Benchmark Studies
  • Well Stimulation Campaign
  • Drilling Optimization
  • Well Completion Design
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