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This course is designed to expose the participants to the principles of reservoir and production engineering, emerging production optimization technologies and state-of-the-art well intervention practices. The course cuts across reservoir management, production and exploitation for petroleum engineers, production engineers, gas engineers, flow station operators and field engineers.

This course is designed to give an introduction to the oil and gas industry (petroleum exploration, petroleum drilling, production, management and decommissioning) and the economics behind the market and the major players in the world.

It also gives an overview of the functional divisions of oil and gas companies, NNPC and relations with legislative and regulatory bodies as DPR.

This unit exposes participants to the basic principles of petroleum geology emphazising the origin, migration, entrapment and accumulation of petroleum.It further examines and analyzes the stratigraphic and geographic occurences of petroleum in a global context.

Also the participants are exposed to currrent practices, challenges and advancement in petroleum geology.

The course is tailored to expose participants to drilling and well completion operations. The unit also focuses on wellhead operation in drilling, the different drilling rigs used for the different environments, maintenance and activities involved in drilling and well cpompletion operations.

The unit enables company personnel and participants to understand the basics of process flow operations and design or troubleshoot processes in an optimal way as well as to optimize the process operations.