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Practical hands-on trainingon the use of current softwares used in the oil and gas industry.

Softwares that broaden your knowledge

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      • Well Test Analysis and Interpretation [KAPPA Saphir, iTest]
      • Reservoir Simulation - Dynamic [ECLIPSE]
      • Reservoir Model Simulation - Static [Roxar, PETREL etc.]
      • Reservoir Fluid Estimation [MBAL, GASWAT,OILWAT, FAST VOLUMETRIC]
      • Reservoir Fluid Modelling [PVTi, PVTp]

      • Well/Production Optimization [Prosper, Perform]
      • Field Optimization [GAP]
      • Production Modelling [EMULSOFT, TEMPRO]

      • Process Modelling [HYSYS]

      • Custom Software Development [Microsoft Visual Basic, C#, Matlab, Excel™]